Friday, July 16, 2010

factory second

I never saw 1999 Topps until a few months ago. Its an alright layout. Kinda rounded design on the fronts and backs. A lot of gold, and overall kinda....boring. Not one of my favorite Topps issues, but its small (462 cards, one of Topps' smallest) and it has a great player selection. Topps pulled one of its first "Mantles" with this year. What I mean by that is they made 70 variations of card 220 (one for each HR McGwire hit in the '98 season) and 66 variations for card 461 (one for each of Sosa's HRs). I only need one of each, no way in hell I need 70 cards numbered 220. Apparently the factory sets come with one of each random Sosa and McGwire. I got 19 and 2, respectively. They gave Roger Clemens card #1. He was a Blue Jay that year, always good to have one in front. In conclusion this set is solid player-wise, its just a little bland design-wise but I do enjoy having it in my collection along with the others.

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  1. I stopped buying complete sets in 1992 - Topps sets from 1993 to 2004 were for the most part pretty boring (with 1998-2000 the dark period) - Baseball card collecting became more intersting starting in 2005 with the Topps set that year