Sunday, March 18, 2012

trade and a contest

A few days ago a package from Nick over at the 'Dime Boxes' blog came in the mail. This was our second trade. He had claimed the box of minis that I posted about a little while back.

Here is a small sample of what he sent over:
The main thing I was looking for was 2012 parallels and Heritage cards for my sample collection. I have the binder with the single page of every year of Topps from 1952 to now. Well, I also wanted to do one for Heritage. I let him know which years I needed a few cards from and he sent a couple over. He also included some great cards of retired guys I collect, or don't collect, which is also fine by me! I am loving that Mays card and Dizzy Deans are always welcome. I'm finding a lot of that 2002 Sweet Spot set as of late. The Sisler is pictured here but I also got a few more from Nick plus I found some in the dime box from last show (not yesterday). The Seaver is from the Topps Archives Reserve, a 100 card refractor set. I can't believe I found two of those yesterday in those dime boxes. Great stuff, thanks Nick!

I also picked up a card off eBay, as you can see its been graded by PSA:
I won't reveal it just yet, as I want you to guess who it is.

It's a contest of sorts.

Guess the player and win a prize. I have a couple manu-relics/patches available and if you guess it right, I'll post a couple up and you can pick one. Easy as pie right?

I have one stipulation: simply follow the blog. If you're a follower you're good, if not, follow it!

I will also give three hints to help the guessing. The first reader to guess correctly, will win the manu-prize mentioned above. Don't let that stop you from guessing a similar name as someone above you in the comments because I may be able to send something to those who do guess right (not a manu-prize but something). I'll hold this contest until Tuesday around 3PM eastern time.


1) The card is made by Topps.

2) The card is from the 60's (1960-1969)

3) The player is a Hall of Famer

There you have it, start your guessing!


  1. Glad you enjoyed the cards!

    As for your contest, I'll say Roberto Clemente.


  2. I'll go with Mickey Mantle