Thursday, March 1, 2012

the lull

I think I've hit that wall again. Seems that I hit a wall when it comes to collecting around now. Burned out by Topps series 1, waiting for the baseball season to start, nothing new on the shelves for a decent chunk of time, etc. March looks like the month it hits me most. Sure I've made some great trades recently and even picked up a few cards here and there, plus some for the 1973 set but I just seem to have writers block or something. I had a bunch of ideas I wanted to do once February started and I think I burned through them all already. Heritage comes out in two weeks. Opening Day and Tribute are next week. Stickers the week after Heritage. Plenty of product, not much interest. Sure I'll sample them (except Tribute, more on that in a second) but won't be chasing them hard.

Tribute, I feel, is a pretty big stinker. The cards look really nice and shiny but you hardly get even close to your buck when it comes to the big hits. Plus this year every hit being encased in a card holder with a sticker? I'll pass. I hate when I can't actually touch the cards if I so desire to. Awful awful idea. I don't know, I felt Triple Threads had more going for it than Tribute does. Plus Tribute is going to be probably $400 a box, which translates to about $67 a pack! Sure each pack has a hit but seriously, thats absurd. Opening Day I plan on buying exactly 5 packs. Why? because it'll be exactly half of what I spent last year on it. I only ended up getting a blaster, which was $9.99 at Target. Heritage I may do a box but that's probably about it, so I should end up with some for trade.

I know once baseball season starts I'll be in the full swing of things again but for now, I'm laying low, finishing up the '73 and hopefully posting in a regular fashion. I'm certainly reading plenty.


  1. I feel your pain, I am not excited about anything until Gypsy Queen comes out in April as I don't do heritage.

  2. After 1 year of new products - I'm really looking forward to Heritage.

    I actually like a lull, to be honest. I feel like I can a) spend less time on cards and thus not get too burned out, b) focus on older "projects" you've put down for what's new and shiny, or c) a little of both!


  3. Really close to picking up a hand-collated set for Heritage. I love the set (especially this year's '63 design) but the chase for last year's Heritage has drug out for me (as you know!). Plus - SO many expensive SP's.....With a completed set in hand, I can buy a pack here and there without the usual set-builder's pressure.

    That probably sounds ridiculous.

    My most anticipated release this year? Gypsy Queen. I'll be getting a box and first box of cards since 1991 Fleer.


    Where does everybody get there boxes?

  4. I feel the need to clarify that the "Yo" in that comment was a reaction to the 21 year gap since the last box. :)