Friday, March 23, 2012

over the rainbow

I know it's just Spring Training but somehow the Blue Jays are 16-4, with the second best winning percentage (.800) in the entire league (AL and NL). Only the Tigers have a better win percentage at .813.

Kyle Drabek went an OK 4-5 last season with a 6.06 ERA. Not great but he is still very green.

So far in Spring Training he has gone 1-0. Not much time there I suppose but here is hope he does better and gets some more starts and experience under his belt.

Since Topps Chrome came out back in early September, I've been picking up these:

...and these:
I'm in no way a prospector but when you can get autos as cheap as a buck for a hopeful starting pitcher on your favorite team, you can't really not pick them up.

I traded for some of these and picked the others up on eBay. Some of the regular autos (the top picture) I did get for really cheap and even got one of the refractors for the same 99 cents.

These are all the variations of the card, save for the superfractor 1/1 and any of the plates. I've already come to terms about never seeing them and if they do pop up, I probably wouldn't be able to afford them. Normally also I don't usually chase rainbows either but I got the gold in a trade from The Dimwit, Sam and found a good priced lot that included 5 of these cards. The one I paid the most for was the red, numbered to 25. It still wasn't all that expensive though.

So here's hoping to a good Jays season and a good season for Kyle!