Tuesday, March 13, 2012

the list is here (with a little apathy)

If you haven't noticed, my 1971 Topps page is on the right. I dedicated the whole page to my needs and what's for trade. If you're collecting the '71 along with me, check it out and see if I have anything you need or if you might have something I need for my set. I'm already having a blast collecting it, looking through it and what not. It sure was a pain to type out what I needed for series four. So much that for five and six, I typed out what I have instead of need. Too many cards from the final two series' to list for now.

The dealer I talked to and picked up a bunch from at the show was telling me that out of all the 1970's Topps sets, he thinks 1971 is the toughest. I can see that. from 1974 onwards, everything was presumably printed in the same quantities, so those are much easier, no short prints or high numbers. 1973 wasn't all that hard but some of the final series cards were tough to find or pricey. I can see 1972 being a big deal due to its near 800 card monster size. I'll bet it rivals the '71 for difficulty. As for 1970, I'm not sure how tough it can be, I've not seen many collect it around here nor have I done much research on it.

As for trading for/away some '71s, I'd like to trade 71s for 71s. Just easier for me, I think. Plus it gives that 'schoolyard' feel of a trade, just through the mail!

My apathy is stemming from newer releases. Opening Day came last week along with Tribute. Heritage is now. I know I said I wasn't going to do any Tribute and I stand by that. I HATE encased cards (unless I put them there) and all the hits are encased. Awful. Plus it's way overpriced for what you get out of it. The supposed weak auto checklist this year doesn't help much either.

Opening Day is on the opposite end. It's cheap....that's about it. I spent a TON on trying to put together the 2010 set and swore off trying to collect it again. 2011 I bought a single blaster for $9.99. This year I said I wanted to spend half that but I don't even think I care about doing that. It'll be weird not buying any of a new set but I think I'll deal. Heritage is getting to be the same way. I chased it in 2011, got fed up, sold it off and let someone else have the hassle of finishing it up. I said I'd buy a box this year but I may not anymore. I keep looking at the cards online and think of how many I'll have sitting in my boxes here and just think, 'meh'. I want some, for sure but a box worth? I don't know what's happening really but it feels weird not buying new stuff. I know my wallet sure thanks me though.

Maybe it's just a shift from new and shiny to old and ratty.

And that's fine by me.


  1. So, assuming you do finish the '71, would you be keeping it or selling it? I imagine you could do fairly well if you end up with cards in decent enough shape.

  2. I always thought '72 was tougher than '71. Part of that is I'm very close to completing the '71 set. But the other part is the '72 high numbers just don't seem as available as the '71s, and there's more of them.

  3. I've probably got a bunch of commons you need, but I'm only down to 400 Aaron 544 Blue 580 Perez 630 Clemente. Doubt you have dupes of those... I did just start '70 and '72, though. Email me if you'd like to trade.