Wednesday, March 7, 2012

to anyone who reads the blog here...

...I need your help!


It's poll time!

I need everyone to vote to the right on which set I plan on collecting next. I mentioned in my last post how 1973 is wrapping up nicely. The blue checklists are on their way, as are the 11 cards from Check out my Cards. That leaves me with three cards left that I hope to pick up this weekend at the card show. I also mentioned that I had determined which set to collect next.

Well, in a way I have but I picked two and I can't decide which I want to collect, so I need your help.

I'll show the set and list it's pros and cons and be sure to vote on the right which one you think is best to go for.

The choices:


- a classic set and design that remains one of the most popular sets in Topps' history
- full of Hall of Fame players
- team cards and rookie cups (trophies really)!
- no "huge" rookies
- highest "booking" card at $150 (Clemente and Ryan)


- a monster of a set at 752 cards
- large number of short prints (over 100)
- good shape cards are expensive, no matter the player


- defines the 70's with its awesome two-tone color borders
- full of great players (a given for any 1970's set?)
- three big rookies (Brett, Yount and Carter) that won't break the bank
- zero short prints
- smaller set at 660 cards


- the closer you get to the 80's, the less the sets sell for (meaning maybe cheaper to buy outright as opposed to hand collating it)
- buying lots on eBay can lead to getting mini versions if you're not careful reading the auction (not that minis are bad)

The whole point being that I really had fun chasing the 1973 set and I've noticed when I collect a set myself, as opposed to just buying it outright, I tend to appreciate it more. I notice I've looked through that 1973 set binder multiple times and sets I've bought complete I've looked at once maybe twice. Plus it's just a ton more fun making a set yourself. collecting, trading, hitting a show, all good things. So please, help me out and help decide which set I should chase next. I have very few cards from either so thats not a factor on which I should go for more and would essentially be starting each from scratch, like the '73. The poll will end April 1st.

I think with my more conservative approach with this years product, I think chasing a vintage set is a better idea. I'm not hating on Topps and will continue to sample each set but nothing on the radar screams 'collect me' this year, aside from the base set.

Vote now!


  1. While the '75 set is my fav, I'd go for the '71. I think anything pre'72 is going to get harder and harder to collect. Why the presses were running in 1971, they cut loose how many they printed in about 1972 (and then hit warp speed in the '80s).

  2. I agree with Kyle. Go for the '71s, man. Just think of the glorious pride you'll feel when you've finished off such a difficult set! Don't sell yourself short! GO FOR THE GOLD! GAAAH!!

    ...sorry. Got carried away there. '71s are nicer to look at than '75s, but that's just my opinion.

  3. I'd say 1971. Why should I make it easy on you?

  4. Having completed the '75 set myself and only 8 cards away from '71, that's a tough call. Both are terrific.

    The '75 set is just too special. It brings a special kind of joy that other sets don't. Maybe it's because it was the first year I started collecting, but I think it's more than that. It's just a spectacular set to look at and collect.

  5. I vote 1971. Only because I'm selfish and I've read more about 1975 - so seeing you accumulate 1971's will be more fun! Neither is a bad goal though.


  6. I say go with 1975. As you said its not too expensive so when you finish it you still have enough for other sets

  7. Tough call. I'm down to four cards for 71 myself, but did the later 70s already. On one hand, the 71s would be a more impressive accomplishment, but then that may diminish the appeal of the (also easier to find) 75s later.

  8. Go with '71. I need another trading partner.