Friday, March 2, 2012

i got a ted and a wood

I picked this up from the local shop a few weeks ago and totally forgot about it. I placed it into my vintage binder and left it there:
1959 Fleer Ted Williams. An 80 card set devoted entirely to Ted Williams, around the time his career ended. The earliest of Fleer baseball cards, they have a nice color to them, with a simple design. I did want at least one for my vintage sample collection and this card completes the Fleer portion of that collection.

In 2003 the released Splendid Splinters. I know nothing of this set but I have this:
The top portion of the card is made of wood and the back of the card has a regular glossy stock. I like that it's made of wood and also that it looks kind of like the '59 Williams issue above. Fleer also put out an entire set that looked like the '59 featuring retired players called Fleer Greats of the Game in 2002. I have a few of them and they look great. Seems like a set I should pick up...


  1. Beautiful Williams. The wood cards must be cool to touch.

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