Saturday, March 10, 2012

impatience is a virtue

When it comes to cards and collecting sets, I'm awfully impatient. I want the set finished as soon as possible and I think it makes me spend too much at times, mostly when collecting newer sets.

I've been searching high and low for the final three cards to finish up my 1973 set. The blue checklists came in the other day. I hit the show this morning and came up dry on those three cards. I checked the four dealers that had a large amount of vintage and none had any of the three. I checked eBay and found two. I found them earlier but I wanted to see if I could find them from the same seller, to save on shipping. I also wanted to check the show first before I grabbed them individually. They aren't expensive but why not save where I can? The only card I cannot seem to find is card 554, Dave Concepcion. If anyone has one lurking around in their collections, please let me know. I'll trade HUGE for it.

**Edit: I have found Dave, he was lurking on Sportlots!**

The show wasn't a total bust though and I've gone ahead and removed the poll from the sidebar. With a final tally of 21/11 in favor of 1971, I've gone all out on that set and decided it was next. I'm not even looking at 75's yet. I picked up a nice starter lot from the local shop (244, I'm including the few I had in my collection) and some great cards today (58 total from two sellers), which puts me at 302 towards the set.

Check out some of the pick ups today:
These came from my 'vintage guy'. The dealer I got a bunch of the 1973's from at the last show and in the mail. He's a super nice guy and always gives me a great deal. Since I didn't have a list made up, I just brought the 300 count box I got from the local shop last night with the cards in it. I just compared numbers and came up with some good ones. Other stars too like Rollie Fingers, Don Sutton to name a couple. I won a few auctions on eBay for some various 71's and I've got to say it's fully on now. 1975 will just have to wait it's turn.

Thanks to everyone who voted. I figured the '71 would be the winner and I'm glad it was (well, at the time of poll deletion). This is already becoming a fun set to collect and I know it'll stay that way.

So there you have it, My impatience has led me to start another classic vintage set. What a journey it'll be.


  1. I agree - impatience is both good and bad. Being impatient means you get sets done faster, which means you focus on the cards in that set more than if it's just hanging out there for years and years.

    But - it certainly can cost more. I'm conscious of this for my project - particularly since I'm going for most of the standard inserts, too. If I have 50 base cards to go and 20 inserts to finish a year - I could probably finish those with a COMC purchase and 3-4 dealer purchases from Sportlots. I'd end up paying for the cards and shipping from COMC and the 4 dealers. But if I'm willing to wait 6 months or so - somehow I'll end up with trades that that whittles that number down to 15 base cards and 10 inserts or something like that. Now my cost is lower.

    Ultimately, though - you don't want too many "open items" out there - or I think you can get kind of confused. I'm around 12 open base sets right now and a bunch - like 50 - open insert sets. I think I'm OK with that amount - but it's a little higher than I'd like.

  2. Good luck completing the '71! It'll be fun watching your collection progress.