Monday, March 12, 2012

s'more 71s

How do these look for about nine bucks?

Sure they're beat but it's a Munson, arguably one of the most iconic cards in Topps' history. I really didn't care what condition it's in, I needed it for the set. I already had the McCovey and Carew (from this Saturdays show) but I did also need the Orioles World Champions card too. I really like how Topps did that for those three years ('70-'72), in which they honor the previous World Series champion with their team card as card one. They need to bring that back, it'd be a really classy move.

I also got in a lot of cards from eBay. The seller said it was 65 cards in the auction but he added in some extras bringing it to 89! What a guy! Out of those I needed 49 of them and I only paid $10.50 including shipping. They were in decent shape, nothing mint but nothing destroyed either and all perfectly fine for my budding set.

Currently I'm at 353/752, almost halfway there. I am starting to accumulate doubles and I plan on putting up a separate page on the sidebar for the 71 needs and doubles available. So if you're collecting it, keep an eye out for that, hopefully in the next few days or so (I did say hopefully). If not then, then soon. I'll keep you posted.

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  1. Nice pick ups. Yeah that Munson gotta get it in whatever condition for the set (and as cheap as possibile LOL). I think I have those other cards you are showing. The B'More Orioles Champs card I had as a kid and gave it the magic marker treatment on the back, fortunately I had just colored in the card number in orange, many of the players I used to color in thier hat logos on the back or worse yet put a GIANT "K" on the back in marker or on the front in Red or blue ballpoint to identify which cards were mine an not my brother's of course. I forget if the Orioles card I have now is the old one from my childhood might be or a replacement (need to look for it and see which it is).