Thursday, February 23, 2012

updates (no highlights though)

I've gone through most all the requests for 2011 cards and I should have them out on Saturday. It's actually led to some great trades as well. Again, I do apologize that I am limiting it to set builders, as I did have a couple requests for teams but like I mentioned, I plan on doing something for you team guys soon. Once the dust clears from this operation and I go through everything, pick out what is going, I'll split it up into teams and determine what to do next. Depending on how much is left of course.

Secondly remember the show I went to last Saturday? And how I mentioned that I picked up a boatload of 1973 Topps towards my set? Well, that dealer gave me his email address and said he may have a 73 binder at home and that I should email him and he would check.

I did email him. On Monday. I included my list of what I needed and he said he would see what he could find. Later that night he got back to me, with a list of cards that he did, in fact, find. It almost looked like the whole list I sent him! It wasn't but it sure looked like it with the number of cards he found.

After the show was over, I needed a total of 81 to finish the set, plus 10 blue checklists. He found 60 (no checklists). 60! Meaning I'm now at needing only 21 (+10) cards to finish off 1973 Topps. He found the cards Monday night, we talked how much it would cost and he gave me the option to have them sent to my house or I can wait until the next show. Being that I'm impatient and shows are never a certainty with me, I opted for delivery. They came today. Man oh man was it sweet putting them into the binder. Pages being filled up quite nicely. The majority of the cards were high numbers (528-660), including the checklist, card 588, which goes easy on eBay for $25+. Sure this one is marked but I really don't care. It's there and I no longer have to chase it. He gave me a wicked fair price on them just like he did at the show, which I was quite happy with.

I'm going full steam on trying to finish now. I have to get the Schmidt rookie from the local shop and hopefully I'll be able to trade for it or at least knock a chunk of it off so I don't have to pay as much in cash. Plus with nothing new on the horizon that I need to dive head first into (I'm not doing Heritage this year remember), it should be easy to wrap up this great set. I really like looking through it, so many odd pictures and so many great shots too. Topps really stepped up their photo quality in terms of action shots that year. Maybe thats why its a fan favorite. That and the sheer amount of Hall of Famers is staggering. Final cards for Clemente, Mays, almost Aaron. The Bench card is classic in itself.

The question now is, what year do I chase after this is done?


  1. Did you get my email?

  2. You should definitely go after the '71 set. It has the iconic black border look and I could use another trading partner :)

  3. '72!

    Although, now that I look at Big Daddy's comment - join forces.

    Epic '71.