Thursday, February 9, 2012

shrinking wantlists's finally done. I can now close the cover to my 2011 Sticker book. The final eight or so stickers came in the mail today, from an eBay auction. The auction let me pick 20 but I only needed 8 to finish up the book plus 1 Blue Jay for the Jays minis box.

If you've been checking my want lists, you've seen them shrink over the past few weeks. The Kimball Champions are down to TWO cards (95, 125) and if you can help with those two (Lou Gehrig and Nolan Ryan) PLEASE let me know. I will reward handsomely. A huge thanks to those that have helped out already on these. Oh sure I can buy them from eBay but what's the fun in that? Other than those two cards, I only need finish up American Pie. The only set that would be left after that is the 1973 Topps set, which I've seemed to come to a screeching halt on. Thats OK though, When I'm not being lazy I'll get a list up and go to a show and see what I can find. Grabbing lots on eBay have become sparse in terms of getting cards I need. I'd be getting a 40 card lot but only needing 4 of the cards for the set. Sometimes there are some upgrades in there and those are fine too but most lots seem to have the more common series' in them (1-3). We'll see what happens. Nothin' beats a completed set though.

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