Saturday, February 25, 2012

2012 gold rush

Here was the contents of my 2012 Topps Gold Rush redemption pack. I actually got it about a week ago and even more crazy is that I mailed the wrappers to Topps and the pack came maybe 5 days later. Insanity! I was very pleased with the Mays and the Ethier is great too. I'm already tired of Koufax (I would have preferred a Mantle!), so pulling him isn't thrilling what so ever.

As Ryan pointed out, there are some questionable names on the checklist but maybe Topps is doing this for series 2 as well? Who knows the reasoning behind their weird logic. Shutting the Blue Jays out of the set I can see (they aren't packed with stars here, nor is their legacy) but to shut out the Orioles, a team that has many many Hall of Fame players, world championships and pennants, is almost a crime. Shame on you Topps, shame on you.


  1. Speaking of questionable names, here is the contents of my pack: Danny Espinosa, Salvador Perez, Roy Halladay, Jason Motte and Jordan Zimmerman. Could have done without all of them outside of the Halladay.

  2. Nice ! I don't think I'll ever have enough wrappers to send in, but I will be watching for any Indians that might show up as well as a card for my sample collection.
    Were they in a regular looking pack ? Is it something I could add to my wrapper collection ?!

  3. Hey Jack,
    It's a plain, unmarked, silver pack.