Sunday, February 19, 2012

card show saturday dime finds

Yesterday I showed the best of the 73's I picked up from the show. Today I'll highlight the best of the dime box finds, since all I did was grab 73's and rummage through some dime boxes. No table cards, no relics, no nothin'. I did pick up a few packs of 1991 and 1992 Leaf just for fun, because they were 3 for a buck. I got 9 packs total. Nothing fancy, I just never really ripped Leaf much growing up so it was a little treat.

Anyway, on to the dime box finds. First are 9 cards of guys I collect:
Ted Williams and Babe Ruth in dime boxes? In the North East? Are we in the Bizarro World? Mel Ott's are always a good find. I've never seen the set the Honus is from and finding not one but two Mordecai Brown cards is fantastic, even if I already have the T206 one.

Some more guys I collect:
Mathewson, Robinson and Johnson are three big player collections for me. This is just my second King Kelly card and the Buck Leonard card is great. 2001 Topps had a Negro Leaguers subset that I only have one other card from. I also love the casual Ted Williams shot too.

Some guys I don't collect but were too cool to pass up:
I've been gaining a lot of Kiner cards as of late and the Connie Mack is fun too. Hack Wilson and "Home Run" Baker are two names you rarely see. The Woodling comes from an insert set from 2002 Topps that commemorates the 50th Anniversary of the 1952 World Series (played by the Yankees and Dodgers). The Ichiro and Matt Williams were interesting and the Mattingly is water damaged but it's a second year Mattingly. For ten cents.

More guys I don't collect:
The Sweet Spots are nice and I've also never seen them before (I got a Joe Carter too for the Jays collection) and a Duke Snider card is never bad. I had to grab the two Carters and the Bench, no way could I leave them in that box. Joe Black is a name that rarely comes up either. I grabbed the Biggio because its weird to see him as a catcher and the McGwire was just a random grab from 1999 Fleer Ultra.

So there you have it. I've added some great cards to my personal collections and am starting a "retired guys I don't collect" box for all my older players that aren't in the PC.


  1. I have a box of old timers like that.
    I have to come to your cards shows !

  2. Good stuff! I love those Ted Williams cards you found.