Saturday, November 26, 2011

triple threads break update, filled! with an update!

The break has been filled, plus one! We now have seven participants which means that we will go ahead with the $5 drop. I have some new details about what the picks will be. We're still doing Triple Threads 4 hits like the box configuration but the other four rounds will be slightly different. See below:

There will still be 8 hits.

The "Threads box":

1- unity single relic
1- unity single auto relic
1- triple relic (single or multiplayer)
1- triple relic/auto (single or multiplayer)

As for the other rounds:

1- auto round
1- relic round
1- Marquee/Finest/Chrome auto round
1- refractor auto/auto+relic combo round

I apologize if this seems confusing typed out but it'll make sense when you see it. The base cards I mentioned in the original post are still here and unaffected. You'll still get:

5 Triple Threads base (1 being a parallel)
5 Finest
10 Chrome

All from 2011.

Everyone has signed in, so the next step is payment. Send the $35 via Paypal to my email (krustytheclown138ATyahooDOTcom), use the 'gift' option. Once everyone is done with that, we'll get rolling! I also will need an email from each of you that includes your address and three top teams. I will try and sway the base cards I divvy towards those three teams. I'll update right below when you've paid and again, once its complete we'll start!

Those who are in:

1- cheap card collecting
2- stealing home
3- wickedortega
4- arpsmith
5- daddyohoho (paid)
6- kevin (paid)
7- the dimwit


  1. I will jump in on this. Thanks!

  2. I will participate as well.

    Let me know the paypal coordinates.



  3. I'm in if there are spots still available?