Monday, November 28, 2011

threads break part 1

Let's begin. For those of you who have not seen or participated in one of my breaks, or you just forget, allow me to explain how it works. I'll post a picture with the cards available for picking and an order of participants to pick them. You do choose in order but are allowed to have a top X list of cards you'd like. For example, say you're picking third, you choose a list of the top three cards you'd want and once it comes around to your turn, you get the top card on your list that hasn't been picked yet. I hope I worded that alright. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Have fun!

1- cheap card collecting- smoltz
2- stealing home- schilling
3- wickedortega- ramirez
4- arpsmith- verlander
5- daddyohoho- upton
6- kevin- sizemore
7- the dimwit- johnson (there you go!)


  1. That Smoltz is awesome. Gotta take the Smoltz titanic threads.

  2. I guess I just end up with whatever is left over... so hopefully that Chris Johnson relic makes its way down to me!!! hint hint wink wink!

  3. I will go with this order.

    1. Schilling
    2. Verlander
    3. Sizemore

  4. 1. A-ram
    2. Schilling
    3. Verlander
    4. Sizemore
    5. Upton

  5. i reckon i pick second. so my pick is world series hero schilling