Sunday, November 13, 2011

andre ethier

I know there are a few Dodgers collectors but does anyone collect Andre Ethier exclusively? I have a couple of great cards of his and I feel they should probably be in someone else's collection who will appreciate them.

Here is what I have (sorry for the lack of picture):

All 2011:

Bowman Platinum red parallel
Bowman Platinum green parallel
Chrome Heritage black refractor 21/62
Finest green refractor 108/199
Lineage Diamond parallel
Series 1 gold parallel 1696/2011
Triple Threads base card 0351/1500
Wal-Mart diamond (from series 1, I think, the hanger boxes)

I'd love to trade them to someone collecting him but would want at least something decent in return, namely for the difficulty of the Finest and black Heritage Chrome cards. Let me know if you're interested and we'll see if we can work something out.


  1. i'll throw my hat in the ring.

    i'll see what i can scare up for you and shoot you an email.

  2. good morning, i dont have any triple threads of anyone, so i'd like to take a shot at the triple threads, the series 1 gold parellel and the lineage diamond parellel.
    i've got blue jays i can send your way. i'll make it easy and put up a blue jays trade bait page today. let me know if any of those will work for trade.

  3. oops - i put up a jays page already, but i went in and added a few new ones:

    i noticed you collect some other players and action i have. i've got some negro leaguers. did you see the kirby pucketts on my twins page?

    gcrl - dang , u type faster than me, bro. when i started my comment it was empty...when i hit 'post' you were there. >.<