Wednesday, August 10, 2011

vintage break round 1

Lets start this thing! Everyone will get the following number of cards from these years:

1970- 4
1971- 2
1972- 4
1973- 8
1974- 4
1975- 4

Ok. That covers the 70's, now on to the earlier stuff. We'll start with 1960 to 1965:

Here is the first order of picks. For all these rounds pick TWO cards, unless otherwise noted.

cardanathema- ramos/white
shadytwine- rice/bailey
jeff- allison/leaders
ryan- nichols/semproch


  1. I'll take the Ramos and the Mike White. Thanks.

  2. I'll take the Rice and the Bailey

  3. I'll go with Allison and the '63 AL ERA leaders.