Thursday, August 11, 2011

my apologies and a d'oh!

I know I'm in the middle of a draft break but I just had to get this off of my brain. I am a dope. There I said it. Here is why:

I had the chance to meet a living baseball legend. I even heard it on the radio, so it was totally a go. Except that I either heard it wrong, or totally processed the information I heard wrong.

Story is that Connecticut has two minor league teams, the New Britain Rock Cats (Twins double A affiliate) and the Connecticut Tigers (Tigers single A affiliate. The Tigers held a game at HOME (more on that in a second) on Monday. Well at this game, signing autographs and cheering on his grandson was none other than Tigers legend Al Kaline. The way I heard and misinterpreted what I heard on the radio was that he was going to be at a CT Tigers game, in support of his grandson but for some reason I thought the game was an away game. WHY THE HELL WOULD THEY ADVERTISE AN AWAY GAME?? I believe they played the Lowell Spinners, not a Connecticut team. Why would I think that?? Then I totally forgot all about it until this morning, when on the Blowout Cards forums, there was a guy talking about what he had gotten signed. Kaline limited autos to two items but still. ARGH...Talk about missed opportunity. What a schmuck I can be sometimes...

In some good news though, I have managed to complete THREE sets this week. I completed 2011 Allen & Ginter (all 350, in the new fancy binder, with a big help from Chris over at Nachos Grande), 2011 Topps legend variations (all 49 of them) and the 2010 Topps legend variations (I have a story that I'll share at a later date about this one). The 2010 spans series 1, 2 and Update and it is finally complete. I run some scans of everything soon, along with my steals and deals (and not so deals). I know we've all seen 2011 but some of the series 1 2010 guys are pretty tough to come by (Maris, Musial, Greenberg), so maybe you haven't seen them before. 2009 is kind of underway, although I don't seem to be as aggressive with it. Maybe due to me not liking 2009s design so much.


  1. missed opportunity here too. My local Norfolk Tides played the Leigh High Valley Iron Pigs here in town @ noon. Ryne Sandberg was shown in the paper this morning signing autos at the park, and Dominic Brown is also playing outfield for them since the Phils picked up Pence!! Would have been nice to get both of them to autograph a baseball!!

    Drat the luck!!!

  2. Congrats on the set completions, really looking forward to your 2010 legends post.