Wednesday, August 10, 2011

round 2

Some cards from 1966 to 1969:

ryan- lonborg/hargan
cardanathema- patterson/zimmerman
shadytwine- dierker/johnstone
jeff- napoleon/merritt


  1. Here is my list in order of preference for my pick:
    1. Patterson
    2. Zimmerman
    3. Johnstone
    4. Hargan

  2. Let's see.....I'll take the Lonborg and Yankee Stadium (Hargan), please.


  3. Some really interesting choices, Ted - thanks for the fun! Slow day at work has produced the following:

    Both Hargan and Lonborg were selected as All-Stars in 1967. Unfortunately, neither of them got the chance to pitch in the game. They must have had some no-pressure fun out in the dugout or bullpen together:

    "Gee whiz, Jim. What do we have to do to get 'ol Hank to put us in the game today?"

    "Who knows!? Guess we should win a Cy Young or something. Do you want a hot-dog? I'm making a run....."

    Their AL teammates ended up losing the game in the 15th inning after a walkoff home run by Tony Perez and, wouldn't you know - Jim Lonborg was awarded the AL Cy Young Award (90% of the votes) later that year after going 22-9 with 246 K's. He would 1-hit and 3-hit Roger Maris and the Cardinals (I gotta tie it in to the Yanks somehow) in World Series Games 2 and 5, respectively. Unfortunately, he gave up 6 earned runs in 6 innings in a losing effort in Game 7 on only 2 days top things off, he injured his knee that winter while skiing and never quite pitched the same again.

    He was probably skiing with that Hargan character!

  4. Ha, yeah, probably. Really interesting stuff there. I actually ended up with a few Longborg cards because I bought some vintage stuff from a shop whose owner was a big Sox fan in the 70's. He actually makes another appearance in this very draft break!

  5. I'll take Dierker and Johnstonei