Friday, August 26, 2011

2011 a&g relic set

Ok, some things accompany this post:

One, I know A&G has been out seemingly forever but I had an idea to finish up a "set".

Two, it's not a full set, as it is only one team,

Three, I know it's almost 'the thing to do' around here but hate on the Yankees is something I don't do. I'm a Jays fan first and a Yankee fan second.

Now, with all that out of the way, I'll get on to what I'm talking about. I admittedly picked up too much Ginter this year. I said I wouldn't but I did. I did finish off the set last week, all 350 cards. No extended minis for me. No insert cards either. Out of all the Ginter I did pick up, I managed to get four Yankee relics. Yes, horrific pulls for some (not you AJ or BA Benny) but not for me. I then decided to see how many Yankees there were in the set, saw that there were 12 and figured I could pretty easily get the rest. I pulled arguably the most pricey one (Jeter) along with three others I'll point out below. Oh and how much I paid for them too.

Burnett- pulled / Cano- $3 / Cervelli- pulled
Chamberlain- pulled / Gardner- $2 / Hughes- $1

Jeter- pulled / Martin- $1 / Posada- $2.30
Rodriguez- $3.25 / Swisher- $2.25 / Teixeira- $2.77

So as you can see, the most expensive one was Alex Rodriguez at a whopping three bucks and change. If you can finish off the Yankee portion of this set so cheap, every other team should be pure cake. I was also very thankful there wasn't a Mantle relic. I really didn't want to have to shell out for that. Some of these come in two variations, those being either a bat or jersey. I would prefer jerseys but I took bats where I did to get them on the cheap.


  1. Nice work! The Jeter relic is awesome - look at that Pinstripe! Looks like a pretty easy set to finish...hmmm, now you've got me thinkin'.

    Thats Hughes Relic has me a bit confused. I don't know of mesh white jerseys that the Yankees wear. There is a white stripe along the sides of their navy mesh jersys, so that must be it.

  2. Looks like I'm going to have to try the Brewers set now that prices seem to have leveled out.

  3. Prices have dropped significantly. The speculators have moved on and the rest is up to the collectors like us.

    The Hughes is the only one that is different and I suppose you could be right.

  4. Ted - awesome!!!!

    Of course, now I have to put my foot in my mouth after completely bad-mouthing A&G to you in one of our emails.....never stopped to consider the fact that Mr. Crinkly might like the 'ol set. D'oh!!

    Sorry 'bout that, my friend.

    Bravo on the best team relic set you could select from A&G! Some great shopping!

  5. Well, it is your opinion if you're not a fan. I ended up grabbing so much Ginter that I put together the set (in fancy binder) and finished off this here relic set. So no need to feel bad about it, ya can't like everything, otherwise you'd be broke!