Sunday, August 14, 2011

round eight

Next up, 1957-1959:

shadytwine- pignatano/cerv
jeff- bell/ricketts
cardanathema- piersall/lynch
ryan- porterfield/jurges


  1. I'll take Pignatano and Cerv. just discovered something about Pignatano. Did you know in his last Major League at bat he hit into a triple play?????

  2. Thats pretty crazy, triple plays are hard enough to come by but to have hit into one as your final at bat is almost a very unique way that is.

  3. My preferences:

    1. Piersall
    2. Ricketts
    3. Lynch
    4. Bell

    Once again, no hard feelings if you want one of the cards in my top two Jeff. Just trying to make sure I don't hold the break up if I'm away from my iPhone for a few hours (which would most likely result from my wife prying it from my addicted hands).

  4. haha sounds like me and my wife!! Except mines a Blackberry....the phone...not my wife :)

  5. Sorry was at a show.

    Bell and Ricketts.