Tuesday, August 16, 2011

round 13 (final)

Well, here we are in the final round! I hope this break was as enjoyable as you had hoped. This being the final round, with the most fun cards, I am doing something different. Everyone still gets two picks but only one pick at a time to keep things fair. See the order below.

Now let me explain what these are:

Top Row: 1939 Play Ball/1941 Play Ball
Middle Row: 1949 Bowman/1951 Bowman/1969 Topps Deckle Edge
Bottom Row: 1975 Topps/1975 Topps/1961 Fleer

When choosing your card, just say the year and brand (unless its either of the 75s), I'll know what to grab. Like I said before, do you go with the Hall of Famer or the old cards? A motley bunch for sure but there is some interesting baseball card history here. The reason I wanted to make it one pick at a time is for fairness. Just so one person doesn't end up with both 75's or both Play Balls (unless it just happens that way). I wanted a nice mix with equal chance for everyone to get something kinda old. I do want to thank everyone for their participation. I believe I have your addresses but if I don't you'll be hearing from me asking for it so I can get these out.

jeff- 75 topps aaron
cardanathema- 41 playball
shadytwine- 51 bowman
ryan- 39 playball
jeff- 49 bowman
cardanathema- 61 fleer
shadytwine- 75 topps kaline
ryan- 69 deckle


  1. WHo is the player in the '39 Play Ball, Ted?

  2. Oh. Definitely the '75 Aaron. 1974 Card #1 is my favorite card in my collection. This will definitely be in my top 10.

  3. The 1939 Play Ball is Stanley Bordagaray of the Cincinnati Reds. I know, the only card with no designation of who it is on the front.

  4. I'll take the '41 "Happy".

  5. I'll take Frenchy's '39 Play Ball!

  6. Since he was born about an hour drive from here, I am going to make my final pick the 49 Bowman Al Brazle.

    Excellent break, Ted. Thanks so much for holding it.

  7. '61 Fleer please.

    Couldn't agree more with Jeff's sentiment. I had a great time with this break and love all the rounds you had. Ended up with a great mixture of a bunch of vintage from years I don't have in my collection which has been awesome!

  8. I'll take the 75 Topps Al Kaline.
    Ted this has been one enjoyable experience. You have made my first break one to remember! So when are you have the next one (wink wink)

  9. Thanks, Ted!!!! Enjoyed it fellas!

  10. Glad everyone had a great time, it always is for me! I may have another one in the works but it may take a little time to figure out what I am going to do.