Thursday, September 9, 2010

recent trades-update

I didn't get a chance to explain why the four cards I chose from each of those trades were significant. I was busy earlier when I originally posted and I wasn't sure if I would have the time tonight to go over it, but I do now, so I will. On with the cards!

Here we have some of Ryan's former cards. I always enjoy getting Blue Jays minis, be it from packs or trades. When I posted that busting of the Upper Deck X blaster I got at discount from Wal-Mart, I mentioned that I liked the X-Ponential inserts, and the Wells is no different. The Bowman Shawn Green is probably one of the 'loudest' cards I've gotten in a while. IT is from the mid-90s so it makes sense. As for the silver signed Molitor, I collected the Collector's Choice set back when it came out. I would rush down to the locally run convenience store, grab a few packs and scurry home to open them up. I always loved getting the silver sig. cards in those packs, and this is a good recollection of my youth (there were actually two more in the box with Molitor too).

Here are the ones from Kerry. I started collecting Griffey a few months back, and its always fun to get one of him in a White Sox uniform, due to him not being there for long. I don't have many Jays Cansecos, so those are always good. I have never seen Leaf 1996, so I felt I had to show it. Finally, the Hentgen card looks like a bad (good?) acid trip, and definitely look straight out of the mid-90s (which it is).

So there you have it. The explanations for the above cards, which I definitely wanted to do, and should have initially, but time did not allow for it as I said. Again, a big thanks to Ryan and Kerry for the great Jays additions!

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  1. Glad you liked the cards! I always do a double take whenever I see Canseco in, well, almost any uniform these days. It seems like he made quite a few stops when he was still trying to keep his career alive.