Friday, September 3, 2010

wwe week-day 5 (final)

The final post in my WWE themed week, celebrating 900 episodes of Monday Night Raw (the longest running weekly episodic show ever...or whatever Michael Cole reminds us of every damn week). Today I've saved the best for last, with the first two cards being not that exciting, but still interesting. They are these:

I could really care less about the two ladies depicted on these cards. The neat part is being part of the canvas from the Elimination Chamber Pay-Per-View. Its not like its Layla's canvas, so it doesn't matter who is on the front of the card, but they had to put someone. These come out of the blasters found at retail. Usually one per, but sometimes you can get a regular relic too (as was the case with the John Morrison unnumbered relic I posted on Wednesday).

Here is the single best card I pulled out of all that I've bought. Its not too fancy, but it was just right:

Just right in the fact that Edge is the wife's absolute favorite wrestler ever. I opened the pack, but she got the smile. Its a superstar super swatch, numbered to 30, and are at a ratio of 1:276 hobby. A very cool pull indeed, as the shop I usually buy boxes from had not seen one of these yet, and they busted many boxes, and even got signed printing plates (yes, those are way harder to pull, obviously).

Well there you have it, WWE week is finished. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I had opening it all up. Baseball will resume tomorrow, thanks for reading!

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  1. Hey, I just posted my meager WWE hits. Wow, that is a very nice card of Edge. I hate the guy, but wouldn't mind owning that card.