Tuesday, September 28, 2010

the set topps got right

While sorting through the box I purchased on Sunday of 2009 Topps T206, I noticed something. Something I felt was really right. I've seen plenty of original T206 cards (including the six I own), and I feel this 2009 issue really gets it done properly. The minis look spot on like the original set, and even the regular sized cards just look like a blown up mini (that is good). More importantly, I feel the pictures on the cards capture the look, feel and spirit of 1909. The washed out colors, some of the poses, the grittiness of some of the pictures. Many of the actions are even close to what was going on on the 1909's (see some of my close-to-1909-favorites above, with the Weaver is fantastically close to an original pose). While technically the set was issued from 1909 to 1911, I think what Topps may be doing is trying to recapture that ideal. Which means we may see another issue of 206 in 2011. Makes sense to me. T206 is one of the most collected, popular and sought after vintage sets ever. Why wouldn't Topps want to capitalize on that? I don't mind it when they get it right (see 2009), as opposed to just silly (see 2010). As I stated, I have seen many originals and even out of the six I own, three are wearing caps, three are not. Not all are capless. No idea why Topps did this but it makes the set much less desirable, at least for me. They also didn't have to change the layout, and while I don't hate the 2010 layout, its just not the same. Maybe they could have just called it series 2, made the set look the same, added new rookies and different pictures on those who were in series 1. Maybe that idea sucks, but it would capture the original more so. As for the thick bronze parallels, I don't really care for them and are kinda useless. The minis are all good though, even with the different backs. Anyway, enough of my rant here. I will continue to collect the 1909s when I can (and when cheap enough), and I will continue to collect the 2009 set until its finished. No 2010 though, the blaster and jumbo pack were enough.

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