Friday, September 17, 2010

new decision

I have decided to start collecting the Washington Nationals, in addition to the Blue Jays. Random? Kinda, but they do have an interesting history, being that they were converted from the Montreal Expos. It has nothing to do with Strasburg, seeing that I don't have any of his cards. No, they are the perpetual last place team (seemingly), and they are due for some good luck. I should be attending a Mets game in early October and they will be playing the Nationals in that time frame. The Jays still come first, and always will, I just felt I wanted to start collecting another team along with them. I have a pretty good stack going but if we ever trade and you have no Jays left, send some Nationals on over. I'll give 'em a good home.


  1. I am also a fellow two team collector...first and foremost my Cleveland Indians, but I also collect the Washington Nationals.

  2. Finally someone to send Nats cards too in the future! I'll send some your way w/ our next trade.