Saturday, September 18, 2010


Fleer stickers are a nice treat. It was always great getting these in mid to late eighties packs of Fleer. I stuck these damn things everywhere when I got them. It didn't matter who the teams were, they got stuck somewhere. Upper Deck came out with their fancy holograms but I always stuck by these (pun intended). Topps should consider doing something like this for their Opening Day set. They did temporary tattoos in 2008, why not stickers in 2011? New updated logos, stickers for teams that started after Fleer stopped with the stickers. I know I'd like to have new stickers to put on my plain white monster boxes. Just saying...

Bring on the stickers Topps!

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  1. as far as i know, Fleer still owns the copyright for selling ctickers with cards. And Upper Deck owns Fleer still, don't they?

    we have to make sure to put as much legal stuff as possible in the way of collectors having fun....