Thursday, October 27, 2011


I have updated my wantlist and 'what I collect' pages to the right. In the 'what I collect' area, I have added a few players that I have decided to start pulling out of my collection and add them into my personal collection.

These are:

Kirby Puckett, Tony Gwynn and Frank Thomas for retired players.
Josh Hamilton, Danny Valencia and Chris Coghlin for active players.

Why Coghlin? Well, I have a few nice hits of his plus he was the 2009 NL Rookie of the Year, that has to count for something right?

I have also updated my 2011 Topps Chrome list. I still need a decent amount to finish it off and maybe you can help. I have a plethora of 2011 cards over here and perhaps you need some. I am willing to trade up to ten cards per one card you send me off my want list.

I have a bunch of these sets available:

(all 2011)
Gypsy Queen
Allen & Ginter
Series 1 and 2 (tons of 1, decent amount of 2)
Update (a small stack)
Lineage (limited)
Stickers (unstuck, obviously)
Pro Debut

If you are trying to finish off a set, send me a want list and I'll see what I can do to help out your set. All I ask in return is something off my want list (not what I collect list, although those I will trade for too). Say you have two cards from Chrome I need and you need some in return, I would be willing to send up to 20 Chromes for those two (or any number lower, if I have only say, 13 of them). It works for any set I just named though so if you need something, let me know and we will work something out. I will have my Update want list up shortly too, probably after I post this.


  1. I think we can probably help each other out. I'll look through my 2011 stuff tonight during the game.

  2. I have some cards for you. I am sending a email shortly.