Thursday, October 6, 2011


Final rounds. For these next three, pic three cards from each picture.

Matt- Morgan, Baylor, Hunter
Dan- cullen, bando, alomar

Dan- Fregosi, Gamble, Spikes
Matt- roberts, rodriguez, sudakis

Matt- Petrocelli, Santo, Patton
Dan- jarvis, fiore, mcmullin

And for our finale, pick any one of these.

Dan- Snider
Matt- Ford

A big thanks to you two for participating. I hope you had fun choosing your cards. I should have them out to you soon (Matt I still need your address).


  1. Round 11: Morgan, Baylor, Hunter
    Round 13: Petrocelli, Santo, Patton

  2. Round 12:Fregosi, Gamble, Spikes
    Round 14 (The big one): Duke Snider

  3. Round 14: Whitey Ford.

    Thanks! This has been fun. Address is being emailed!