Tuesday, October 4, 2011

rounds 5, 6, and 7

For these first two, pick one from each picture.

Matt- Bailey
Dan- Harrison

(the horizontal hard to read one is Andre Dawson, in case you can't tell)
Dan- Carter
Matt- Dawson

For the vintage cards pick three each. At the end of the break, you'll both end up with 20 pre-1976 vintage cards each.

Matt- Williams, Piche, Jackson
Dan-Phillips, Walker, Daley


  1. round 4: Bailey
    round 6: Williams

    Are we going to divide up all six of the cards in the photo for round 6?

  2. Round 7 is the vintage round and yes, pick your three cards all at once. I'll be doing the rest of the vintage that way as well.

  3. Okay, sorry I messed up the rounds. Here goes:
    Round 5: Bailey
    Round 7: Williams, Piche, and Jackson

  4. Round 5: Harrison
    Round 6: Carter
    Round 7: The other 3