Monday, October 3, 2011

rounds 1, 2, 3 and 4

Let's begin. First off, I went through a computer issue about a month ago and I had to wipe my hard drive and install a new copy of OSx. In that process I did lose everything (which wasn't much) but I also lost the ability to connect my scanner/printer to my computer. I tried to get it to work but I have to trick the comp into letting it install (it worked before but won't now). So for all the pictures in this break I am using my phone camera and sending them to my email and posting them here. I apologize if they come out not so great but if you can't make something out let me know and I'll let you know what it is.

Now, for each of these rounds, pick one card you'd like. Actually with the Legends Variations you can pick from either picture, I just split them up between the verticals and horizontals for the pictures but you can pick any two you like.

Dan- Schmidt
Matt- Roberts

Matt- Smith
Dan- Robinson

Dan- Santana
Matt- Simpson

Matt- Carter
Dan- Braun

I'll try and keep the rounds quick, happy pickin's!


  1. round 1: Mike Schmidt, Round 3: Domingo Santana...I assume I have to wait for Matt to pick before I do rounds 2 and 4?

  2. Round 1: Ozzie Smith
    Round 2: Robin Roberts
    Round 3: Hayden Simpson
    Round 4: Gary Carter

    Did I do that correctly?

  3. Then I guess I go:

    round 2: Frank Robinson
    round 4: Ryan Braun