Sunday, October 9, 2011

now that all the cranky fans are gone...

We can finally get back to some baseball. Around here I usually have to listen to Red Sox fans complain about the Yankees and Yankee fans gloat about how they're so much better than Sox fans. While I do lean to the Yankee side of things, I still don't need to constantly hear about it. Now that both teams have been eliminated it's almost as if no one cares what is going on with the playoffs over here. Damn them. This is the most exciting postseason I've witnessed. No, it hasn't been many but I'm sure if I had seen others and paid attention to them they way I am this year, I am positive this year would still be best.

When the wild card race was winding down and that night where there were four very important games deciding who was going and who went home, I was glued to MLBNet (the channel) until well into the midnight hour. The greatness just wouldn't end. The Cardinals won their game easy, so as long as the Braves lost, they were in. The braves did lose but not before going to extra innings and giving it all they had. Well played Braves. Same thing with the American League. I was SURE I would see the Sox as the wild card but they couldn't get it done and the "never-count-us-out" Rays beat the Yankees in an EPIC comeback for the ages. Just incredible.

When it broke down to there being eight teams, I was sure it would end up like this:

Rays over the Rangers
Yankees over the Tigers
Phillies over the Cardinals
Brewers over the DIamondbacks

Well, I got one right, although I thought the Brewers would take them in three. I am glad that all of these series (except the Rays/Rangers) went to five games. So much more excitement when the series is tied and everything is on the line down to the final game. Man were we all sure around here that it would be a Phillies/Yankees rematch in the World Series. You know what? I actually glad it's not. The Rangers, Brewers, Cardinals and Tigers all worked really hard to get here and they all really deserve to be. The interesting thing about the NLCS this year is that it is a rematch of the Brewers and Cardinals from the 1982 World Series, that the Cards won. The Brewers know this and I'm sure would LOVE to stick it to the Cards and go all the way. They're who I'm rooting for. All the way too. I'd love to see a Tigers/Brewers series.

Well, we will see what happens over the next couple of days and heres hoping these series go to seven games as well. It just shows that all four teams are playing there best and want it that much more. The worst is seeing a team get there and lose all four of the first four games to then be eliminated. With all that said, let's go Brewers!

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