Thursday, December 2, 2010

topps would say d'oh!

More errors? Topps doesn't make errors. Ever.

....sure. Just ask Frank Thomas. Anyway, this years Topps set (series 2 and Update) included some cards I really liked called Vintage Legends. We've all seen them. Babe Ruth on a 1975 card, Mel Ott on a 1968, etc. Well, while going through the ones from Update today, I noticed an error on Topps' part. Maybe someone at Topps doesn't know their stuff, or maybe it was Tibor's day to work the photoshopping machine. See if you can spot the error on Mr. McCovey here:

What year is this, 1988 Topps right? Ok, got it. Check the back:

...did you see it? Vintage Legends are supposed to depict a great player out of his era. The front of the card is supposed to show what year they put him into for the blurb on the back. Well it looks like Willie got the Delorean stuck in junk wax hell that is 1988 on his way to 2004. The front shows 1988, the back says 2004. I know you all know what 2004 Topps looks like, but here is a refresher:

See? The only thing 88 and 04 Topps have in common is the big team name at the top. Oh and a white border. Other than that the designs are quite different. While the card still gets its point across but in a flawed manner. Oh well, just a goof on Topps' part there. I severely doubt that it will be corrected but an interesting error to say the least.


  1. I just pulled that one as well. It looked like a mutant card - with DNA from a few sets.


  2. I just can't get over that the font for the team on the top of the card is wrong. I've seen too much '88 Topps in my time and something like that makes me cringe.

  3. The font on the '88ish card is WAAAAAY off. What are they smoking?