Wednesday, December 22, 2010

topps heritage

With all this talk of Topps Heritage as of late, I took a stroll through my Heritage of years previous. I feel that Topps has the right idea with this line as a whole. Its photography is one of the things I appreciate most. Just looking at the above picture shows three (I feel) classic baseball card pictures. Posing is all they did in the early days of Topps cards, so I feel its really justified as to using almost nothing but posed shots for these sets. Topps base should have action shots and almost nothing but. They have done pretty well in that area (they still aren't Upper Deck, but baby steps need to be taken first), with the exception of all the recycled images. Topps isn't without its faults in the Heritage line though. Short prints suck. Hard. However, I do understand what they are doing with the idea, as pretty much every set released before 1973 has short printed cards. I just with Heritage sets were a little easier to complete. I don't mind the chromed versions of the cards, but do we really need THREE versions of each chrome? The autos and relics are good and not all that overdone....yet. The seat relic debacle from a few years ago seems to be a sour taste in many collector's mouths, so hopefully an idea like that won't be returning. Well, maybe the stamps or coins in the 2011 will be next years seat relics. Oh goody. On the plus side though, if the sell sheets and rumors on the interwebs are true, then 2011 Heritage will see autos of such names as Sandy Koufax, Al Kaline, Hank Aaron, Stan Musial, and Ernie Banks. What a line-up, and supposedly all on-card. Those names alone make me want to buy a case of the stuff, even though I'll never see any of these names written on any of my cards, I can certainly hope. Until March 17th!

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  1. Completely agree with you about the short prints. I could be wrong here, but I always thought that nearly all the old Topps short prints were 'series' related. The later series' of cards came out late in the season, and there weren't as many printed. The way Topps does the SPs now just pisses me off. They could release the cards in series', and short print the high numbers, and I'd be just fine with it. I love the Heritage sets, they just make it a pain in the ass to collect a complete base set buying packs.