Monday, December 20, 2010

something interesting

My father gave me a plain brown envelope a few years back. He had said that he got it from his father. The envelope was beat up, the flap was nearly falling off. It felt kind of thick, like there were multiple pieces of paper in there. Well, there a way. There was a piece of cardboard that was about the size of this:

This photo of Babe Ruth and his wife at the time, Claire Merritt Hodgson (Ruth then). The photo has some small writing on the left side, indicating that the photo was taken in Yankee Stadium, __-23-1942 (I can't make out the month). I'm also not sure who the signature is made out to, looks to me like Julius Burs but I'm probably wrong on that. The signatures are facsimile, so its value isn't anything more than sentimental. I have no idea when my father or grandfather picked this up but regardless, I now have it. Even if its not really signed by them, it remains one of my favorite baseball related pieces in my collection.


  1. Very cool piece, even if the sig isn't real. I hope it's framed.

  2. Amazing item to have in your collection. Thanks for sharing!