Friday, December 24, 2010

some holiday generosity

Fellow blogger Don from over at Tiger Sportscards and Other Ramblings, had sent me an email about some 1954 Topps he had. He had mentioned that they were a bit roughed up but that he was willing to send them over, no strings attached. Well, I could never turn down some 54's but I told him that I had to send him something in return. I am currently working on his pile to send over. Going over his wantlists and such. Here are the 54's:

Are they rough? Yes, very, but each one has character. I love cards with character. How did this get bent? Why are there scratches here? How is there paper loss on the back? I can only imagine the things these cards have seen over the past 56 years. The games the kids played with them back then, flipping them, putting them in the spokes of their bikes, etc. Stuff my dad said he did with his cards in his youth. While these are far from perfect, they will make great set fillers for the 54 project. Thanks a million to Don for the contribution and like I had mentioned, your pile is being constructed and will be sent out soon!


  1. Those are cool. Oh, how I'd love a 54 Kaline.

  2. Condition AWESOME!!! I love a card that tells stories and those have been around and they look great! Congrats!