Tuesday, December 28, 2010

the gangs all here!

I braved the snow yesterday and ventured out to get the mail. We only had one small brown envelope, containing this:

1954s Yogi. With this card the 'big 16' is finished! Take a look:

I apologize for the sideways scans. I had to scan them that way so it would fit the whole page and I rotated them in my picture program on the computer here, but they uploaded to blogger here sideways. Don't know why but they are all here. With these (hopefully) the rest of the set will just fall into my 8 pocket pages. I have a few lots of commons coming in from eBay with the gold Strasburg money plus I sold a set of 2010 Topps (series 1, 2 and Update) also. It had sold for less than what I'd like, but its less cards around here, and more 54s for me. That's all for now.

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