Monday, December 6, 2010

making the grade?

Ok, so as I posted the other day, I am full on in attacking this 1954 Topps set. I did go a little crazy this weekend and bought a few of the "big guys" off of eBay. You will see them when I see them in my grubby little hands. A few of them are CRIMINALLY cheap, and I almost feel that I ripped the seller off (you'll see who I'm talking about when it gets here) but some others I felt were at a really great price so I nabbed 'em. One question though:

Has anyone pried open a graded card before? Obviously opening up this card would be a crime, but as far as some of these 1954s go, I don't want them graded. Personally I could care less about graded cards and the only reason I bought them was because of the cheap-o price I got them for. I don't have any graded cards, nor do I look at them at shows, so I really have no idea how they are trapped in there (I assume glue), but it immediately makes me think of this:

Let them out I say! I really am going to get those cards out of there, crazy or not. They do not fit into the binder, 8 pocket pages when graded. I am going to doubt that anyone has really tried this before, but I may be surprised. If you do have some experience in this, please let me know. Call me crazy!


  1. there are quite a few good instructional videos on youtube on how to free your imprisoned cards.

    watch a few, maybe try it on a graded '87 topps card first for practice...

  2. PSA's are gravy. I just take a straight razor and slide it in and use it like a shim and go down one side. It should pop open after that. Beckett's are a pain. What I do for those is I take a wire cutter and cut into a corner away from the card and then pry it open from there. I'm sure there are a million different methods but those are what I do.