Saturday, December 11, 2010

s'more 54s ('say hey' edition)

More towards the set. This is actually a couple of different auctions all put together, but they all came in today. The Mays is obviously the big one here and is my first card of his playing days. The Hodges came at a very fair ten dollars. Both have been freed of their cardboard prisons since I scanned this. The Snider from the other day has been too. The razor in the plastic case sides worked very well. I was quite careful and the cards are cookies. Now, there is another big one on the way, hopefully it'll get here soon. No, I am not printing money in my basement to pay for these awesome vintage cards. I am however working some long-ass overtime hours and have sworn off buying new cards while I am buying this stuff up, so it all works out pretty well. Vintage doesn't disappoint me like modern packs have as of late. I know just what I'm getting.

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  1. Dude, I cannot believe how quick you are tearing through this set!!! I am jealous and impressed. I am surprised too that it is that affordable... A '65 Gil Hodges still goes for 5 bucks, getting a '54 for 10 bucks seems like a steal... And I STILL haven't been able to find a '65 Mays in my price range (under 20 bucks shipped) so I am even more jealous... I dont think I will ever try '54, but vintage is where its at for me. My goals for 2011 are to finish 1965, 1974 and 1979 and get a good start on '59, '60 and '63. Then I will be satisfied AND probably move back to 1951 Bowman and then '54 Bowman. Gosh, I love vintage!!!
    Nice pick ups by the way! Congrats on some great cards and glad they are freed from their plastic prisonS!