Sunday, July 11, 2010

i'm eddie, and this is my brother eddie, and my other brother eddie

I'll file this in the 'WTF?' department. Now, I'm all for Eddie Murray. He had an incredible career, a Hall of Famer for sure, even got himself that ring in '83. On Topps' part though, they claim that there were 3000 of each short print produced...Then why do I have three of Eddie??? I would imagine that a card that is limited to 3000 would be a tad harder to pull. I'm glad its a short print, and I'd take a duplicate short print over no short print, but I would definitely prefer one I didn't have. As I have stated before, I do hate short prints, but ONLY when they are part of the checklist. These legend short prints are not. Therefore in my book they are all good. I remember the first one I got out of series 1. It was #300, Ryne Sandberg. I was still fresh faced in collecting again, so I just figured it was part of the set. Then I got the Yount, and thought the same thing. Until I got the real number 300 in the set. Then I did a little reading and found that my two legends were indeed special. Again, I am glad I have the Eddies but I would trade them for a short print I don't have. If you are interested and have a short print to trade it for, let me know and we'll work something out.


  1. Man, I hadn't already gotten one out my my jumbo box, I would be willing to trade for one of them!

  2. Hey, I'll take one if you're still looking to rid yourself of them.


    JayBee Anama