Saturday, July 10, 2010

ginter tomfoolery

I have a love/hate feeling towards Ginters as a whole. While I'm a big fan of the retro themed sets (this is about as retro as it gets) and I love mini cards, I can't stand short printed cards on the checklist. Makes for infuriating set building. Anywho, the box was in my house for all of 5 minutes before it was torn up. Here is what I got:

The red bordered relics are kind of neat, and a little weird that the pieces of the relic move around if you want them to. In the middle is the previously mentioned rip card. I'm split on what to do with it, I got 8 responses yesterday, 4 for ripping, 4 for not. If I don't rip it, it has to leave my house. I'll be too tempted otherwise. On the other hand, I've never ripped one before, and it is very unlikely that I will ever have the chance to again as I don't buy much A&G. The Monsters and Lords sets are kind of neat. The Celestial stars are a little weird, but they are a mini.

This set is great, I think if I were to collect any subset from this year, it would be these. If anyone has some for trade, let me know.

Here is the N43, its ARod, I know, lucky me. Along with the three black border minis I got. I won't even bother showing the short prints, as they are just regular cards. I did get two short print minis (regular backs), 3 of the National Animals, and one wordsmith (Confucius). I may pick up another box, but I haven't fully decided yet.

Oh and if someone gets the Vernon Wells short print, I'll gladly trade for it.

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