Monday, July 26, 2010

almost too easy....

Remember this guy?

Well, I did not rip him. I asked you, the readers what I should do with Mr. Martin, and it came down to a standstill. Four comments said to rip him open and the other four said not to. I was torn (haha...groan) and wasn't sure what to do with it. I want to rip it because I know the chances of me getting another rip card out of the little Ginter's I'll be buying were very slim. If at all. So I did some research and found that all the really great rips were in the rip cards numbered under 25. The 1 of 1 woods, nice red signatures, whatever. Seems to me the base set minis were in all thr rips that were numbered to 99. Maybe. Or maybe I'm completely wrong and maybe the card inside was something really cool. Well I'll never know because I decided to sell it on eBay and see what I could get for it. When it came down dollar for dollar this is what I ended up buying with the money I got for the ripper there:

And this:

Yes, essentially I traded the Rip card for a 1954 Ted Williams (card #1) and five bucks. The rip sold for $84. I won the Ted for $79, and had (roughly, not counting shipping or anything) five bucks left. Pretty cool I'd say seeing as how I would be horribly disappointed with that rip card had I gotten a "regular" mini and not something fancy. Plus seeing as how I'm kinda collecting 1954 Topps, it worked out brilliantly, and hey, its Ted Williams. My first but not my last if I attempt to collect the 1954 set. I am more than pleased with how it turned out.


  1. Congratulations. I know it isn't really a trade but one can almost call it one. So Awesome trade. I myself would make that trade any day.

  2. russell freakin martin for ted williams??? are you kidding me???


  3. Vintage is IN this year. Great choice!

  4. You definitely got the better end of that deal! Who in their right mind would spend more on a 2010 Russel Martin, even if their was something else in there, than a 1954 Ted Williams! Well Done!

  5. AWESOME!!!!
    Great choice selling and buying something great.
    Very cool

  6. Dude, you just rocked that deal.

    Good to see a collector with a good head on his shoulders.