Friday, September 16, 2011

a halladay auto! many more. Today I received a very interesting item from the local shop today. Well, first let me give a little background info. I started working there part part-time. What that essentially means is that when he needs me, he asks if I can work. Well flash forward to Wednesday (I think it was Wed.), he sends me a message saying he got something I'd be really interested in. Well, this is what it was:

Eighteen signatures from the 2009 team. Included are Roy Halladay, Vernon Wells, Jose Bautista, Adam Lind, Aaron Hill and the reason it's even here, Jesse Carlson. Jesse is from Berlin, Connecticut which is the next town over and the location of the aformentioned card shop. Apparently the high school baseball coach received this a gift from Carlson and went on over to the shop to see if he was interested in either buying or trading for it (I'm not sure which). Being that I'm a known Jays fan, he said 'of course' with me in mind. He gave me the ball (and holder) as a payment for my first couple of shifts. Shifts have only been two hours long so far (on days when he wants to leave early) so this worked out pretty well. I haven't identified each signature yet but I know a few others on here. Once I figure them all out I'll document it but a sweet piece to my Jays collection.


  1. Let's see Uncle Sam try to take a bite out of THAT paycheck! Sweet pick-up, Ted!

  2. That's awesome Ted!