Wednesday, September 7, 2011

once they're gone...

I forgot to mention before that when this is over, it's over. I can only do this once (unless I build up some sort of huge collection a year from now) and once I clear these out that's it. For the teams that don't get claimed, they will end up somewhere that isn't here. Not sure where yet. I have just thought of something as well. I will allow everyone who did pick a team, to pick their second team once I close this out. This seems a bit better than just getting a random team, as everyone will have two picks but one pick at a time.

Here are the claimed teams an details:

1- dominicfdny- Red sox
2- jason- Indians
3- spiegel83- Dodgers
4- sortingbyteams- Blue Jays
5- daddyohoho- Phillies
6- commishbob- Orioles
7- dogfacedgremlin- Pirates
8- chris mays- Braves

Plenty of teams left. The breakdown is:

$20 per team, which includes your team, shipping and a random team. I will pick the teams for the random teams after the 15 slots are filled or until the time is long enough where I know no one else will miss out. I also forgot to mention that if your team was a different team at one time, you get that team too. There aren't many cards that fall into this category but some examples are:

Washington Nationals get the Expos
Twins get the Senators (pre-1961)
Orioles get the St. Louis Browns

Those are just a few I know that are in there.

Again, included are most everything I have pre 2010. Some 2010's and 2011's are in there but that means that I have doubles or I'm just not interested in the set. Everything. Parallels, inserts, base cards, oddballs, etc. If it can be assigned a team, it's in there. I also have a pile of cards that are either non baseball people (ie; Allen & Ginter stuff) or cards that have two or more players on them both from different teams (stat leaders cards for example). Those will be distributed evenly across every box that gets sent out. In other words, everybody gets some. I'll make the cards with two or more players include at least one from your team if I can.

For those of you who have already claimed your team; you can pay the $20 via Paypal to my email address (krustytheclown138ATyahooDOTcom). Use the 'gift' option. Please also send me an email with your address. Thats it! You're done! If you haven't claimed youe team, do so now!

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