Monday, May 9, 2011

a trade post

A trade post? Haven't done one in too long. I should post more of these, as I get many great trades. More often than not it is usually stuff I need for sets and plain old base cards are boring! Well, I am super appreciative of every card I get in a trade but some trades stand out. Especially when it involves cards you really want (like ones that get posted and you ask if they are for trade) as opposed to cards you need to slim the old want list. I'll be highlighting two such trades right now:

The first comes from Shane over at the Off the Wall blog. Here is what he sent over:

Many of you have traded with Shane before but this is actually the first time we had ever exchanged cards. The Munson was the focal point of the trade. I had seen his want list for 1975 Topps and he needed the Jim Palmer card I had. He had said the Munson was a duplicate, so I mentioned I had the Palmer. I sent that over plus some minis which he loves, and some stuff from his set needs and some random Red Sox. There were many more Blue Jays in the return package and a lot of oddball stuff I needed like the baseball highlights and Drake's cards, along with yearbook stickers and Topps Big. The black refractor is from 2002, which I have ZERO refractors for, nevermind black. Oh yeah and the Jimmy Key rookie that I didn't have yet either. I assume the three auto'd cards up top are either TTMs or in person autos. Good stuff either way. The Munson also marks the first I have from his playing days. Always good.

The second trade comes from Ryan over at "O" No!!! Another Orioles Blog. Ryan and I have traded a few times now. Check out what he had sent over:

Two cards but what cards they are. He pulled the Teixeira from his box of 2007 Goudey and I had mentioned that I was interested. It was a while ago, and we hadn't made a deal but Ryan didn't forget. Once he posted up the Willie Mays, I Knew I wanted to try and trade for it. He was interested in the Ripken bat and Markakis auto I pulled from Gypsy Queen. Those, along with stuff from his want lists, various Orioles and some other surprises made their way over to him. He should be getting that package any day now.

A big thanks to Ryan and Shane for the great cards they sent over. I'm looking forward to more trades in the future!

Also: I need card 18, Christy Mathewson from Gypsy Queen. I need multiples. Three to be exact. The first person to send over three copies of the card (regular card, not a parallel or mini) gets something awesome. Three base cards, it's all I ask. Let me know!


  1. I love the Mays. Fantastic trade just on that alone!

  2. Glad you liked the cards!!! The autos are TTM that I sent to spring training about 8-9 years ago. Hope we can do it again! Planing on posting your end of the trade this week, just need to find the time to scan.