Tuesday, May 3, 2011

trade bait...

...the 'how to' edition. For those that have any desire to make a deal with me, please read the following post.

There isn't any trade bait in this post. This post is intended to state how I am going to go about this process. I know some of you guys who post up trade bait make it easy on yourselves and put up some random cards. That is probably the best way to do it but since I have to go and make things difficult this is how I am going to go about it.

At first I stated I would be going by division. Once I found a bunch of cards for each team (some much more than others), I realized that I would have way too much to post up here. So, the new way I am going to go about it is two random teams. Two teams that I pick out of the box of stuff I have picked out to post up without looking. I'll pull the two teams and post up the cards I have for trade for each of those teams. What I have pulled from my collection is essentially anything that isn't a base card. Inserts, parallels (not ALL but anything sort of significant, no Wal-Mart black cards for example but I will offer them to you if I have any from a team you pick), relics and autos. You can tell which teams I have never traded stuff from because there is a lot of pulled cards from teams I haven't traded away.

What I am looking for:

2011 Topps manu-patches:

These are the only five I have. If you have ANY that are not these and you want to trade them, I want them. These are not up for trade though.

2011 Gypsy Queen framed paper parallels:

I have very few of these too but there are only 100 so it shouldn't be too hard to finish up.

I would also like to finish up 2011 Heritage soon too. Base cards are down to maybe six but the short prints are still quite a few. That list is still on the right and is always up to date.

These are the priorities. If you have a trade bait section of your own and want cards I have but don't have anything I stated above, we can work from that too. The first actual trade bait post will come some time this week. Be sure to check each time because I may have a relic/auto/parallel from a set you are currently collecting. I have some good surprises in my collection so you never know what will pop up. Stay tuned and I can't wait to make some deals!


  1. You'll have a Josh Bell and Evan Longoria coming your way as soon as I get your trade package together.

  2. I've got the Tommy Hanson Braves Patch for trade. I need some 2011 Topps S1 to finish my set. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  3. i have about 15 of those patch cards for trade :)