Monday, May 16, 2011


Well, first off an apology is in order. I apologize that my trade bait posts haven't been posted, as I said the first would be the tail end of last week. I know I posted one up a little bit ago but that was all silly stuff. Barely any bites but it is understandable seeing as how it was a bunch of politicians and entertainers and such. What happened to the rest you ask? The teams, the relics, the autos, etc. Well, I am in a bit of a collecting rut. There isn't anything I am really looking for at this time. Yeah, I said I wanted the throwback patches from 2011 and the bronze framed Gypsy Queens. I guess I still may but part of me kinda doesn't. 2011 Heritage has slowed to practically nothing, seeing as how most have moved on to Gypsy Queen (and Bowman this week). I may have to finish it up at a show (there is one this Saturday) or online via eBay but I really don't want to pay $2-3 bucks per schmuck player due to him being a high number short print, never mind a star player. I don't really need any more Jays at the moment, until I get my act together and get a want list going. I keep getting too many duplicates, so a want list seems to be in order. I guess I just don't have a strong desire to collect much right now and lumped in with that is a lack of want to post up stuff and waste your guys' time. Why post stuff when I'm not looking for anything?

Sigh....So hopefully this will pass soon and I'll want to start to collect something. Then I can post up the bait and see what I can get for it in regard to that collecting goal. I'll still make trades but I can't see myself going all out right now with these massive posts filled with trade stuffs. Well, to be fair there wasn't a ton but it is all still pulled and in a separate box.

Also, I do have a plentiful amount of 2011 series 1 and inserts, 2011 Heritage and Gypsy Queen available for those that need some of those sets.


  1. I know you just sent me a bunch of Topps inserts, but I'm looking for Heritage still, if there's any you can spare. Let me know if there's anything else I can send your way.

  2. I still need about 15 GQ short prints if you have any you're willing to spare.