Saturday, May 21, 2011

card show pick-ups

Hit up the card show today. My goal was to come out with most of the 2011 Heritage I need to finish the set off. While I was mostly unsuccessful (I did manage to get about 8 cards I needed, wantlist is updated on right), I did walk out with some great stuff:

Some quality vintage, with the best part being what I paid for all of them. I spent most of my time (and money) at one dealer. Apparently he buys up collections cheap and sells cheap in return. For the six cards above, I paid $15. The Rose is my first Vintage card of him. The Munson is his final year card and the two 75s are the achievements in the beginning of the set with Aaron and Kaline hitting milestones. He had a great many boxes of stuff, including 5, 10 and 50 cent boxes and dollar, three dollar and five dollar boxes. He also had some $15, $25 and $40 boxes but I didn't get anything from them. A lot of graded Bowman's in there, new stuff not vintage. I pilfered through the 'cent' boxes and came up big with a ton of cards for my PCs, including Fleer stickers from the early 80s, Griffeys, team cards and some Hall of Famers.

These were almost a no brainer, being that he only wanted $3 each for them. For that price I was more than willing to take the chance on these being actual autographs of three fantastic Hall of Famers. I looked at the autos and compared to ones I saw online, and I'm no handwriting expert but I am almost willing to bet they are authentic, signed in person autographs. Maybe someday I'll have them authenticated but for now they'll go right in the binder. The two Donruss cards look fantastic with the blue marker autos. A great bunch of pick ups today even though I didn't get what I intended. Oh well, Heritage will be finished someday.


  1. Those 2 Kalines are pretty nice!

  2. I always liked that Gary Carter card.

  3. Great pick ups... all of them would be great additions to anyone's collection... but I especially love the 1969 Pete Rose & the 1976 Gary Carter. And I can't believe you were able to grab autographs of those three legends for $3 a piece... that's one helluva steal.