Sunday, May 29, 2011

for the shortees!

Ok, short prints are a funny thing. One one hand they are disliked by many collectors, especially set collectors because it makes their quest that much harder. One the other hand, sometimes short prints can be done right. Case in point:

Topps has done legend variation short prints for the last three base sets. They may have dabbled in this before but 2009 was the year they really started to go big on these. The above picture was borrowed from ShaneK over at Off the Wall Cards. It was the best picture of multiple cards I could find when I Googled it (hope he doesn't get mad!). Anyway, I have taken quite the liking to these as I have mentioned before. Only this time I am really chasing them hard. After the few eBay auctions come in, I'll be at about more than halfway with series 1. There are supposed to be 25 (according to the series 2 sell sheet, there are 25 in both series 1 and 2) but I have found only 24. I have searched everywhere for the final one but it doesn't seem like it exists. No, Adrian and Carl in Red Sox unis don't count. 25 legends. I even asked the Topps Blog but no one responded back. Well regardless, I want them all. I want them from 2009 and 2010 also. Seriously, if you have any of the short prints from any of those three years I will trade heavy for them if I need them. Really, let me know. These are short prints that I really don't mind due to the fact that collecting them is entirely optional and won't make your set incomplete without them, unlike Heritage and Ginter's and whatever. Let me know if any of you come up with anything, I have cards waiting to trade!


  1. I have Rogers Hornsby, Stan Musial and Johnny Bench from 2011 and Reggie Jackson from 2010.

    I also have an Ernie Banks from 2011, but that's not going anywhere.

    I'm undecided if I want to trade them, but if you want to make me an offer, I might be willing to. Let me know what you think.

  2. I got the Dale Murphy SP in one of the first Series 1 packs I bought. Unfortunately for you, I sold it on EBay for $10. Hopefully, the price has come down since then.

  3. I have Tris Speaker and Jim Palmer from the 2010 set. I'd be open to a trade, so just send an e-mail if you're interested!

  4. I just pulled the Ozzie Smith sp today.

  5. I have the Jackie Robinson from this year if you still need it, I will trade it to you. send me a email if you are interested.