Thursday, May 12, 2011

when a bowman set hits shelves, does anyone care?

Hey. Hey. You know what? 2011 Bowman ships next week. Remember? Bowman? Most collectors/bloggers who are keeping current are still all over Gypsy Queen. Weirdly I haven't really bought much more except a blaster and two rack packs since that first initial purchase. Even with all the great hits I keep seeing coming from retail I just don't feel like chasing it. It's a fine looking set but I really can't get into another short printed end of a set. I still haven't even finished Heritage yet. I need to take my needs list to a show and buy up a bunch of she short prints. It seems everyone on here is exhausted of their supply. I need ONE more common to finish the short set. Card 246 to be exact. Then it is on to the short prints and the few inserts I need, then I never have to worry about 2011 Heritage and I can concentrate on series 2 when it hits in early June. Then I'm good until August when Lineage hits. Well, we'll see how that turns out. Seems cool enough but I'll have to wait to see it in person.

Bowman on the other hand, seems like a set that the blogging community doesn't get too big into. Seems more of a speculator set rather than a collector's set. For obvious reasons of course. There is always at least one hot rookie that sells for way more than he should and they jump all over it. I get it, it is their right as consumers to resell their stuff and get paid what ever the market allows. It almost seems like we kinda 'let them have it' with Bowman. The dealers/speculators scoop it up, sell it out, go nuts and the collectors don't touch it, save for a few who buy some to get their team cards or to see what it looks like (this is where I fall). Rarely it seems that we go heavy into a Bowman product. I'm generalizing here, while I realize that some of you do enjoy the Bowman set for its rookies and prospects and such. Personally I feel it is too confusing with the numbering. Just make it one big set! You don't need BDP BDPP BPP numbering. 1-500 or so does just fine. People will buy it no matter what the number on the back is. Then again, if people aren't really collecting a set of it, does it matter? Guess not.

So what do you think of Bowman as a whole? Does it have a place in the hobby? Is it overdone? Should it just be rookies only without the veterans? Or should it just go away?


  1. I like it, but only because I like prospects cards of my team. I also wish it would follow the Topps model and issue Bowman and Bowman Chrome separately - I bought a blaster of Bowman last year and each back had a few or the other. Maybe they only do that for Draft Picks, come to think of it.

    However, as someone who is into collecting prospects, I like it and look forward to it.

  2. I actually like the Bowman base design. I'll never buy it, 'cause I don't care about 80% of the names on the checklist, but I will always buy or trade for individual cards.

    And I actually like the idea of owning a Bowman rookie of a player I like.

  3. I don't care for prospects, and I don't really touch the set. I know it has a place in the hobby, but it's not for me. I'll pick up my samples and move on. There are still plenty of prospectors, team collectors, and player collectors who look for Bowman as the definitive rookie card. At this point the veterans are just there for added value, really, and probably aren't necessary.

    I believe there are too many Bowman sets being released, though - you have Bowman, Draft Picks, Sterling, and Platinum. I'd go with just a couple of those - release one Bowman set, and one premium set like Sterling. Move the DPP as a Topps Pro Debut Update set, and get rid of Platinum. Granted, it won't make a difference to me, but it would declutter my collection.

  4. I have your 246. I'll put it in the trade package I'm sending out to you.

  5. I kind of like it but HATE the numbering system...HATE! HATE!

  6. Bowman is just about the only product I DO collect. I compile a set of regular, Chrome and draft every year and that's about it. I despise retro sets and most everything else is usually either too low end / campy or frightfully expensive. Bowman is the one product I can count on for consistency and to hold it's value reasonably well.